Pipe Locators

We are CCTV pipe locators and investigators using a camera system that allows us to view inside the pipes without excavating the pipe, as well as locating the defects from above the ground.

We can find the cause of the problem/leak/blockage and where, in the pipe, it occurs. We can then work out the best solution to fix it. We can identify above ground where the pipes are.

CCTV Pipe Locators

The CCTV camera we use to view and locate the defect inside the pipe can provide photos and a report for the customer. Many benefits include:

Your entire drainage system can be reviewed to ensure problem areas or potential issues can be located. This is ideal for businesses that rely on well-functioning plumbing systems as a plan can be made to minimise the impact.

Maintenance program

We offer all maintenance programs to our commercial customers with  scheduled ongoing programs for:

Pit or maintenance chambers Grease and septic tanks Stormwater

On-site Wastewater treatment.

Domestic on-site sewage treatment, maintenance, new installation and design.